• Promoting resiliency: a strength-based approach curriculum for high school students

      Madore, Anne; Renes, Susan; Gifford, Valerie; Simpson, Joni (2017-05)
      In this paper, literature was examined in order to identify how to meet the needs of adolescents through the recognition of their emotions and personal strengths, allowing them to build resiliency skills and promote positive mental health. The strength-based curriculum developed as the result of this literature review, includes several mental health approaches supported by counseling theories that can help high school students achieve success academically, psychologically, and socially. The path to success can potentially be accomplished when adolescents have found their identities and have learned ways to respond to challenges. The implementation of the person-centered and solution-focused therapeutic interventions can result in positive ways to deal with difficulties, by developing personal relationships with others and providing encouragement, motivation, and stability in adolescents' lives. Furthermore, with additional skills, such as coping techniques, self-talk, stress management, mindfulness, and additional resources, resiliency and positive mental health can develop when youth have acquired a sense of empowerment and a confident attitude. It is important not to forget the assistance of a team approach, as well as the support and cooperation of young people's environment.