• Elementary STEM: integrated lessons

      Sassman, John (2016-12)
      The primary purpose of this project was to increase elementary students’ STEM literacy and interest in STEM-related fields. The secondary purpose of this project was to improve educator self-efficacy to teach STEM in their own classroom. To do this, I created, tested, and revised a series of STEM lessons and kits appropriate for Intermediate elementary students. Participants in this project included: eight through twelve year-old elementary students, three “Highly Qualified” certified elementary teachers from the FNSBSD, and other teacher collaborators from California and New Jersey. This project also enlisted the help of several expert students and faculty from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The method used was a collaborative, cyclical, anecdotal, and highly reflective Action Research approach. The final product is a series of five STEM lessons and kits that can be used in an Intermediate elementary classroom. The lessons and kits have been tested and revised many times, and are ready for dissemination for other educators to use. I recommend that teachers become familiar with the content included in the lessons and kits, particularly because national standards have recently changed, and these lessons offer methods for teaching this new material. The accompanying kits are also intended to be user-friendly. It is my hope that these kits find their way into many classrooms, and bring students and teachers knowledge and joy. I will continue working on integrated STEM lessons and kits in the future.