• Grief counseling for adult pet loss: a primer for mental health professionals

      Sherman, Dawne G.; Gifford, Valerie M.; Hense-Nelson, Brenda J.; McMorrow, Samantha G. (2017-05)
      Grief counseling receives minimal attention in mental health training programs. Many mental health professionals are unprepared to support adult clients with pet loss and the associated bereavement process. Pets fill many vital roles in the lives of adults and the loss of a pet can be a profound experience. Adults sometimes develop intense attachment bonds with pets, and the quality of the human-pet attachment may influence the grief resolution process. Bereaved individuals may experience complicated grief reactions, including co-occurring mental health disorders. Understanding key clinical issues associated with pet loss can both help clinicians provide appropriate client support and facilitate positive treatment outcomes. As an outcome to this research, an educational webinar highlighting key findings gained from the literature review has been developed to assist clinicians with adults whose presenting concerns relate to pet loss.
    • Integrating music activities into a school counselor's grief group with youth

      Lane, Teesha M.; Renes, Susan; McMorrow, Samantha; Hart, Debra (2017-12)
      The efficacy of Music Therapy interventions for young people experiencing grief is the focus of the project. A review of the existing literature on group work in schools demonstrates the importance of utilizing creative counseling methods with students who experience grief. Although research suggests that music-enhanced group counseling work can be effective, there are few resources available to school counselors who see a need for an effective group counseling curriculum that utilizes music for grieving youth. This project aims to provide school counselors with a music-enhanced curriculum that can assist a group of students through their grief process.