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dc.identifier.citationUnion of Students at UAA Northern Light newspaper, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsAnother top administrator at UA announces resignation By: John Fick (1) Scams cost college students big money By: Echo Gamel (1) UAA doesn’t connect with new computers By: Carey Restino (1) Yo, go to punk rock show! By: Unknown (2) Non Sequitur By: Wiley (2) The Land of the Free? By: Colin Aussant (3) Letters to the editor (3) Campus Scanner (5) Briefly… (6) Students across the country sue over fees By: Jason Moll (6) Students rejuvenate before finals make ‘em hallucinate By: Joshua Chambers (7) Leonardo a No Show By: Unknown (7) Psychology student sheds light on blooming department By: Tarik Bel-Bahar (7) Adventures of a fat-headed monkey lover By: Josh Chambers (8) Understanding Herpes By: Daryl A. Young (9) A Shakespeare Dream in Spring By: Charles Adamson (10-11) Campus Calendar (12) Calendar Highlight (12) The Big Lebowski = A Questionable Experience By: Michael Marcella (12) Concert Corner (13) Quotes from the student frontier (14) Hackneyed Caricature By: N.N. Mann (15) Classified (15) Tundra By: Chad Carpenter (16) Off the mark By: Mark Parisi (16) Rubes By: Leigh Rubin (16) Dudley’s Duds By: Unknown (16) Dave By: David Miller (16) P.S. Mueller By: Mueller (16) Single Slices By: Peter Kohlsaat (16) Larger Than Life By: David Gallagher (16) Crossword (18) Hooters, beer, raging fans and some boxing too By: Echo Gamel (20) If you ask me, my vote goes to the least supported one By: Chris Curtis (20) Early failures motivate student at Las Vegas karate tournament By: Chris Curtis (20)en_US
dc.publisherUnion of Students, University of Alaska Anchorageen_US
dc.titleNorthern Light, volume 17, number 28en_US

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