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dc.contributor.authorAlexander, Rosemarie
dc.contributor.authorBannerman, Amy
dc.contributor.authorBergren, Erika
dc.contributor.authorBowman, Emily
dc.contributor.authorElliot, William
dc.contributor.authorFlorian, Steve
dc.contributor.authorGoodman, Jessy
dc.contributor.authorKane, Jeremy
dc.contributor.authorKirsch, Geoff
dc.contributor.authorLamb, Jonas
dc.contributor.authorTrafton, Math
dc.contributor.authorWall, Emily
dc.contributor.authorZacher, Liz
dc.description.abstractTidal Echoes presents an annual showcase of writers and artists who share one thing in common: a life surrounded by the rainforests and waterways of Southeast Alaska.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsDedication to Alaska's frontline workers -- Nana’s Quilt -- Summer Solstice -- Continuous Juneau -- Winter Light -- Ski Lungs -- Skunk Cabbage Tension -- All Our Landforms Up For Sale -- Shifting -- Summer Snow -- Ebb -- Night Covers The Pond with Its Wings -- Sheltered In Place -- To a Golden-crowned Kinglet -- Blind Faith -- Ocean Glow -- Alpenglow -- Sick at Heart -- Eyelashes -- Tent’s Collective Memory -- Golden Feathers -- Heart as a burning state -- Glowing Harvest -- Before Snow Flies -- Portrait of a Pandemic Puppy -- Elect Moonlight -- The Last Leaf -- Reference Station -- A Cloudy Delicacy -- Forest Service -- Death and Promises -- Overlooking -- Among the Deserted Moss -- Medicinal -- Shadow Scratchers -- Harvest -- The Masked Wanderers -- Halloween Madness -- Preserving Self: Quarantine Thoughts -- Haines Wild Lupin -- Natural Selection -- The Broommaker’s Son -- Untitled -- Message in a Bottle -- Beat -- Anchor Point -- Every Spot We Are Standing On Was Once in a Different Place -- The Whale -- Whale Watching -- Center of Gravity: Hank Lentfer Featured Author Interview -- Neurons -- Not Quite a Love Triangle -- Window -- Winter Light -- 10 Sounds That Make You Feel More Alive Lily Hope, Featured Artist Interview -- Poems During a Pandemic: Dear Cello -- Poems During a Pandemic: Sense of Smell -- A Fed Bear is a Dead Bear -- Poems During a Pandemic: Friendly Fathom -- Red Tail Pandemic Pal -- Butterflies in a Jar -- Raven -- Signs Off -- Flora -- Waxwing Thanksgiving -- Flour, Butter, Sugar, Art -- Kids on the Trampoline -- Beaver Nemesis -- Cold Snap -- Winter Light -- Traveler -- The Inconvenience of Waffles -- Five Days Before the Election -- Counting -- Spiraling Through the Wormhole -- Grace -- Untitled -- Three Weddings and a Virus -- Peacock -- A Drowning -- Night -- Planning Ahead -- Handiwork -- Tongass: Wildlife -- The Cost of Childhood Resilience -- Glaciology -- Echo Ranch -- Stirring up Memories -- Gleaning Blueberries -- PBJ for Dan -- Charles River -- Chinook in the Reeds -- Ephemeral -- The Side You Never See -- Indelibility -- I Serve You Soup in Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall -- Writers' Biographies -- Artists' Biographies -- Editor's Note -- Acknowledgementsen_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Alaska Southeasten_US
dc.subjectResearch Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::Aesthetic subjects::Literatureen_US
dc.titleTidal Echoes 2021en_US
dc.title.alternativeUAS Literary & Arts Journal 2021en_US

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  • Tidal Echoes
    Tidal Echoes is a literary and art journal that showcases the art and writing of Southeast Alaskans.

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