• Moment tensor catalog results for nuclear explosions, volcanic events, and earthquakes

      Alvizuri, Celso (2017-12-01)
      Using seismic waveform data, we determine seismic moment tensor solutions for 12 earthquakes and 17 nuclear explosions at the Nevada Test Site, 3 cavity collapse events, 63 events at Uturuncu volcano (Bolivia), and 21 earthquakes in Alaska. We convey uncertainties in the solutions by displaying a probability density function for source type and by calculating a confidence parameter.
    • Seismic moment tensor catalog for Uturuncu volcano, Bolivia

      Alvizuri, Celso (2015-12-07)
      We present seismic moment tensor solutions for 63 events at Uturuncu volcano, Bolivia. Moment tensor solutions were generated using body waves and surface waves. The best solution (M0) was obtained through a grid-search in moment tensor space using the "cut-and-paste" (CAP) approach of Zhu and Helmberger (1996) and Zhu and Ben-Zion (2013). The files here are part of the PhD thesis work by Celso Alvizuri
    • Seismic moment tensor results for nine events in the North Korea region

      Alvizuri, Celso (2018-05-25)
      We determine moment tensor solutions for nine events in the North Korea region. This is a supplement for a published manuscript by Alvizuri and Tape (2018).