• EarthScope publications database

      Sims, Nealey; Tasa, Keir; Larsen, Jessica; Tape, Carl (2020-08-04)
      We compile a database of EarthScope science publications though May 11, 2020. The database is preserved as a Google Scholar profile available at https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=ZKI-0gUAAAAJ&hl=en&authuser=3
    • Step-response signals recorded at seismic stations in Alaska

      Holtkamp, Stephen; Tape, Carl (2016-11-14)
      This technical report documents the occurrence of a "step-response signal" on seismic stations in Alaska. The unwanted signal occurs both during earthquakes and independent of earthquakes. The cause of the signal is unknown to us, though it has previously been identified in the published seismology literature.
    • Supplemental data for "Bear encounters with seismic stations in Alaska and northwestern Canada"

      Tape, Carl; Heath, David C.; Baker, Michael G.; Dalton, Scott; Aderhold, Kasey; West, Michael E. (2019-04-04)
      This collection is established as a supplement to a published manuscript, "Bear encounters with seismic stations in Alaska and northwestern Canada".