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dc.identifier.citation(Simonsmeier) Pereira, E. (2015). The history of special education: The changes that made special education: A meta-synthesis. Unpublished Masters Thesis, M.ed. Special Education, University of Alaska Southeast.en_US
dc.description.abstractFor centuries we have been documenting the world around us, taking note of every change. Most of the changes are small and over looked, but once they are coupled with a few other small changes they become something big and meaningful. Special education has a history just like that, it started with people wanting change, people advocating, acts and laws being wrote and pushed through Congress. Before the world knew it all these small tasks combined together in history to create a momentous event in history. No longer were students with disabilities forced to stay at home, they could now attend public school, and with the years to follow rights. Rights to have education just the same as any other student. The right to learn in environment that is best for them. The right to funding to help provide the services they need. The right to learn. This meta-synthesis of the literature on history of special education investigates the changes that took place throughout education to create special education and the services and programs that help better our students.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Alaska Southeasten_US
dc.subjectLiterature Reviewen_US
dc.subjectSpecial Educationen_US
dc.subjectSpecial Education History
dc.titleThe History of Special Education: The Changes That Made Special Education: A Meta-Synthesisen_US

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