The Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center builds partnerships and catalyzes collaborative ecological, economic, and social research in the north Pacific coastal temperate rainforest to support vibrant and resilient communities and ecosystems.

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  • Juneau's Changing Climate and Community Response

    Powell, James E.; Tankersley, Molly; Ainsworth, Tom; Amundson, Jason M.; Armstrong, Bob; Botelho, Bruce; Carstensen, Richard; D'Amore, David V.; Foy, Robert James; Hood, Eran; et al. (Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center, 2022-07)
    This report is designed as a living document to inform the community, decision makers, and academics and to serve as a learning and teaching tool. The nine key messages summarized on pages 6 and 7 are intended for use as a quick reference. Unique for this type of report, these key messages highlight actions by Juneau's civil society, including local nonprofit organizations.