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  • Western Gulf of Alaska Socioeconomic Study

    Kresge, David T. (Institute of Social, Economic and Government Research, University of Alaska, 1973-10-24)
    This report is the result of a joint effort by the staffs of the University of Alaska's Arctic Environmental Information and Data Center (AEIDC) and Institute of Social, Economic and Government Research (ISEGR), under the direction of David Hickok and Victor Fischer, respectively. The overall coordination of the project was conducted by Richard T. Buffler and Eugene II. Buck of AEIDC. The following staff personnel had the primary responsibility for compiling data for the respective sections; Geomorphology-L. Lau, AEIDC; Climate-H. W. Searby, AEIDC: Oceanography-F. F. Wright, and R. L. Seitz, AEIDC; Geology-R. T. Buffler, AEIDC; Hydrology-L. Lau, AEIDC; Biota-E. II. Buck, K. Hulett, L. Lau, AEIDC; Socioeconomic David Kresge, T. F. Gasbarro, S. Fison, ISEGR; Impact of Environment Staff, AEIDC and ISEGR. Graphics for the project were supervised by E. Cote and were completed mainly by M. Aho with the assistance of S. Ward and R. Arend, AEIDC. Editing of the report was carried out primarily by L. McNicholas and J. Brogan, AEIDC. The report attempts to present all available factual cata in an unbiased manner. Portions of the text, however, reflect the individual staff member's personal experience and knowledge of the subject. Portions of the report also represent personal communications with numerous other persons. Research for the report and preparation of a primary draft was carried out during the months of July through October 1973. From November 19 73 through January 19 74, the draft was reviewed by the Bureau of Land Management, both the Division of Marine Minerals, Washington, D.C. and the Alaska OCS office, Anchorage. Concurrently, the draft was reviewed internally by AEIDC staff plus numerous other pertinent government and industry persons most knowledgeable about various aspects of the report. February and March 1974 we^e spent incorporating pertinent review comments and preparing the final report