Recent Submissions

  • Engaging northern rural and Indigenous students: Case studies using One Health principles of educational resilience

    Cotter, Paul; Gildehaus, Lori; Chenoweth, Ellen; Straley, Janice; Hueffer, Karsten; Reynolds, Arleigh J. (University of Aberdeen, 2023)
    Indigenous and rural populations are underrepresented in many science-related educational fields, leading to underrepresentation in biomedical, science, and related professions. A contributing factor is the misalignment of Western education and engagement strategies and these cultures; this is especially true for northern subsistence cultures. We review the influence of a combined One Health/Quadripartite Model of Educational Resilience approach in promoting interest in, recruiting for, and retaining students in biomedical research and community health across three education levels. We suggest a One Health context resonates with Indigenous and rural populations and may be more culturally aligned than conventional education approaches. Implementing Quadripartite Model elements promotes educational accessibility and attractiveness to these populations across our programs. We suggest that 1) disciplines that may be perceived as remote and inaccessible to these populations can be culturally contextualized through a One Health lens and; 2) a more equitable sharing of responsibility for educational success may benefit students from underrepresented populations. Applying One Health/Quadripartite Model approaches may help increase representation of Indigenous and rural populations in a wide range of STEM, biomedical, and community health disciplines. We support continued efforts to modify conventional educational structures, institutions, and strategies to further engage these communities.