• Solar and Net Radiation At Palmer, Alaska 1960-71

      Branton, C. Ivan; Shaw, Robert H.; Allen, Lee D. (University of Alaska, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, 1972-06)
      Solar and net radiation received at Palmer, Alaska (61 ° 3 6 ’ N. lat., 1 49° 0 6 ’ W. long.) have been observed fo r m ore than ten years. On a yearly basis, the daily average incoming global short wave radiation has been 219.1 langleys, and net radiation has been 70.0 langleys. From May 3 thru August 1, net radiation averages 221 .2 langleys. This is 2.571 kilowatt hours per square meter, or 8 15 .2 Btu per square foot (English units). From November 1 thru January 3 0, net radiation is negative, showing an energy loss of 54.2 langleys per day. This is equivalent to 0.63 0 kilowatt hours per square meter or 199.8 Btu per square foot.
    • Time, Temperature, and Solar Energy Received By Crops at Palmer, Alaska

      Allen, Lee D. (Agricultural Experiment Station, School of Agriculture and Land Resources Management, University of Alaska, 1978-07)