• Administrative Report of Progress: January 1 to December 31, 1951

      Irwin, Don L. (University of Alaska Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1951-12)
      This booklet is a compilation of annual administrative reports required of the Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, a public supported research institution. Shown here is a complete outline of research problems under study during the year just ended. Objectives financ ial support, accomplishments during 1951 and lines of aproach to be emphasized during the next crop season are a l l set forth in detail. Also indicated is the intricate cooperation established with allied agencies, perfected in an effort to eliminate overlapping in adjacent areas of interest. Staff assignments are presented in order to fix responsibilities and to give credit vhere due. A brief discussion of the physical plant is also included to show what progress has been made in the building program, now some three years old, and to point out certain housekeeping problems that, in the public interest must be solved in the near future.
    • The Position of Agriculture in Alaska's Current Economy

      Johnsons, Hugh A.; Irwin, Don L. (University of Alaska, 1953-01)
      This report is designed to explain some of the apparent discrepancies in the agricultural picture in Alaska.
    • Report of Progress: January 1 to December 31, 1952

      Irwin, Don L. (University of Alaska Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1953-01)
      Each calendar year the Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station submits a Progress Report to the University of Alaska and the U. S. Department of Agriculture, the 2 cooperating agencies under which it operates. This 1952 report segregates the work of each department, reporting briefly the progress made on each project currently under investigation, contributions to scientific knowledge or to the public interest and phases of the work to receive special attention during the coming year. Due credit is given to cooperating agencies and to various station personnel where more than one department is involved on a project. Briefly reported, also, are improvements and additions to physical plant, personnel changes, publications of the station during the year, and sources of financial support.
    • Report of Progress: January 1, 1950 to December 31, 1950

      Irwin, Don L. (1950-12-31)
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