• The Challenge of Circumpolar Biological Research: a report to the Rockefeller Foundation

      Logsdon, Charles E. (University of Alaska, Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1963-11)
      To foster closer working relationships between Alaska and countries of northern Europe through exchange of personnel to work on problems of mutual concern. This report deals only with this first objective of the project and is based on observations and conclusions of Dr. Charles E. Logsdon, Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station Research Plant Pathologist, during his tour of duty at Vollebekk, Norway, from September, 1961, to August, 1962. The other project objectives will be covered in subsequent reports.
    • Mutual Plant Disease Problems Alaska and Northern Europe: Observations and Notes of a 1958 field review

      Logsdon, Charles E. (University of Alaska Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1959-02-03)
      Through the assistance of the Rockefeller Foundation, the Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station was enabled to continue its studies of the relations of Alaska's agricultural problems to those of Northern Europe by sending Dr. Charles E. Logsdon to Europe to investigate mutual phytopathological problems. Prior investigations consisted of a review of horticultural and general farming problems by Mr. Arvo Kallio who spent the growing season of 1956 in Northern Europe, and a three-month's review of the Alaska Station's research program by Professor 0ivind Nissen of the Agricultural College at Vollebekk, Norway. During his stay in Europe, Dr. Logsdon also presented a paper at the VII International Congress for Microbiology in Stockholm, Sweden, on one phase of Alaska’s phytopathological research— Allan H. Mick, Director.