• Costs and Returns on Matanuska Valley Dairy Farms

      Saunders, A. Dale (University of Alaska Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1963-01)
      This study is based on 15 dairy farms in the Matanuska Valley during the period of 1957 through 1961, While all of the farms are owner-operated 80 per cent of them also utilize additional rented crop land. Eleven of the dairies have cooperated for the entire five years. Replacements were necessary in four cases because of changes in business organization or ownership. These dairies, varying in size from 10 to over 50 cows, make up a fairly representative sample of approximately 25 per cent of the dairy farms in the area. They accounted for 26 per cent of the total cow population in the Valley in 1961.
    • Three Year Summary of Investment, Cost and Income for Dairy Farms in Alaska

      Saunders, A. Dale; Gazaway, H.P.; Marsh, C.F. (University of Alaska Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1960-05)