• The Agricultural Outlook: 1965

      Marsh, C.F.; Burton, W.E.; Saunders, A.D. (Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Alaska, 1965-03)
      The general economic picture for 1965 indicates another better-than average year for the nation as a whole. Strong advances in economic activity now underway will likely continue at least through the first half of the year. Current trends reveal no serious imbalances in the economy. Forces expected to shape demand expansion for business, consumers and the government in coming months are (1) continued uptrend in business investments, (2) favorable inventory-sales ratios, (3) further improvement in the goods and services export-import trade balance, (4) more favorable factors affecting demand for housing, schools, and facilities, (5) expanded consumer purchases of goods and services, (6) another big sales year for autos, (7) larger consumer expenditures for food, and (8) increased government purchases of goods and services.