• Quality Assessment of Reindeer Meat

      Swanson, R. B.; Penfield, M. P.; Mitchell, D.; Reimann, M. J.; Loveday, H. D. (School of Agriculture and Land Resources Management, Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, 1990-02)
      Historically, sales of exotic meats have been limited only by supply. As supply has increased in recent years, national and international exotic game markets have grown rapidly. In the United States, growth has occurred primarily in the restaurant section, although over-the-counter sales have also increased. The Alaskan reindeer industry is exploring the potential of expanding its meat sales as well as antler sales. Meat production increased from 320,000 pounds in 1987 to 432,000 pounds in 1988. This production increase is reflected in a 27 percent increase in dollar value (Alaska Crop and Livestock Reporting Service, 1989). Under current management procedures, potential meat production has been estimated at 500,000 pounds (Pearson and Lewis, 1988). Any future market expansion is likely to occur in urban Alaska and in areas outside the state (Jones, 1988).