• Assessing Food Security in Fairbanks, Alaska: A Survey Approach to Community Food Production

      Caster, Charles David (2011-05)
      Since the arrival of non-Native peoples to Alaska, the state has heavily relied on importing most food. Food security concerns have been raised related to supply disruptions, cost, and health. This thesis was designed as a pilot study and intended to provide information on local vegetable and fruit production in the Tanana Valley. The results from the study could inform subsequent studies that determine state vegetable and fruit production. Commercial vegetable and fruit producers in the Tanana Valley were surveyed. The response rate was 38.5%. The survey provided insight into characteristics of producers, production, and marketing practices. Increasing crop production in the Tanana Valley is possible, but measuring current production may require a more complex measuring system that is more consistent with producer practices. Alaska faces many challenges if it is to transition from an un-integrated food system to a more comprehensive food system that generates value to local communities.