• Native Plant Materials for Economic Development in Southeast Alaska

      Pat Holloway, chair, Glenn Juday, Bob Gorman, Tony Gasbarro; Downing, Jason (1996-09)
      Current economic situations such as mill closures from timber industry reconstruction in southeast Alaska have stimulated interest in commercial development of secondary forest products; resources and opportunities other than wood pulp and saw log production. Twenty native species of southeast Alaska were chosen based on a score of their combined economic value and abundance throughout southeast Alaska. Details about the potential uses, ecological requirements, propagation, and management related to the marketable attributes provided the foundation for scoring. Eleven of the twenty species were utilized for their fruits and berries. Six species could be sold as floral products. Once species was used for seedling production concurrently with floral product production. Finally, the last two species produced botanical products. There is substantial potential for development in southeast Alaska with these secondary forest products, as well as others that were not mentioned in detail.