• Producing Fresh Herbs for Fairbanks Restaurants: a market survey

      Meriam Karlsson, Chair; Hans Geier, Kristy Long; J. Greenberg, Chair, H.Geier, S. Sparrow; Goss, Jacquelyn Denise (2007-05)
      Buyers and producers were surveyed to estimate the demand for fresh culinary herbs among chefs at local Fairbanks restaurants. When thirteen chefs were interviewed, twelve restaurants were found to purchase fresh herbs, primarily basil, parsley, and cilantro. During the summer, the restaurants combined purchased 68 pounds of fresh herbs per week, with 56 percent procured from local growers. Sixty-two percent of the chefs expressed a preference for locally grown products, including herbs. Local producers felt they were able to meet the demand for restaurant herbs and could accommodate additional clients. Many chefs, on the other hand, wished that tomatoes, vegetables, and potted herbs would be available for purchase from farmers in addition to fresh-cut herbs. While there was not a great demand for fresh herbs alone, farmers offering a variety of products can build sufficiently large accounts to justify selling and distributing to individual restaurants.