• End-of-Life Heart Failure Education With Staff Nurses; A Quality Improvement Project

      Battah, Carisa (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2016-08-01)
      Heart failure (HF) is a serious diagnosis and a major public health concern. The symptoms can be exhausting and can vary from person to person with periods of acute exacerbations requiring hospital admission. It is important for hospital staff nurses to be able to speak with knowledge and comfort about end‐of‐life planning. The purpose of this quality improvement project was to increase nurses’ awareness of the functional classification systems of HF, options and timing for palliative care, and describe nurses’ intent to use the information in practice. Nurses reported planning on using the information to “Be more Sensitive and Listen.” The prevailing theme to barriers to implementing this into practice was “Not enough time and discomfort.” Nurses who were comfortable having end‐of‐life discussions did not feel they had enough time, and those who were not comfortable did not engage because of discomfort toward the topic. Furthermore, recommendations from this study were the addition of a supportive palliative care team to manage patients with HF.