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dc.description.tableofcontentsBig Broadcast Blazons College : Talented Collegians Entertain from Stage of Fairbanks Theater -- 8 Players Leave for Coast to Tackle 12 Alaskan Hoop Teams -- Annual Mining Short Course Opens With 15 -- 8 Students Go Home to Spend Xmas Holidays -- Closing of Home Ec Short Courses Follows Success -- President Back to College from National Capital -- Many Practical Courses Offered Next Semester -- Snow Houses are Seldom Inhabited by Native Eskimo -- Students Priming Final Examination Ordeal, Jan. 16-19 -- Asiatic Species Birds Discovered by A A C Student -- Co-eds Tried in Kangaroo Court -- Rooters Whoop it Up at Associated Student Assembly -- Paraselenae and Parhelia Visible Thru [sic] Atmosphere -- Temperature Kept 10 Degrees Above by Coal Oil Lamp -- Students More Impious 100 Yrs. Ago Than Today -- Fairbanks Studied in Geographical Society Bulletin -- Shortest Day of Year is Really Short at College -- Accessions to the College Museum are Acknowledged -- 8 Survive Secret Mining Initiation for Membership -- Girls Test I. Q. on Campus Names at Clever Party -- Holiday Animated on Campus by Gay Christmas Festival -- Duckering Speaks on Spirituality -- Bridge Players Vie for Prizes at Gay Party -- Arctic Ovibos May Prove Important Food, Clothing Supply to Alaskans : Muskox Fibers Compared With Fine Cashmere -- Grade Averages Strike New High Over Past 3 Yrs. -- Fire Alarm Brings Diners Scampering Needless Rescue -- Ski Types Vary According to Kind of Snow, Climate -- Carideer Herds May Supplant the Reindeer, Caribou -- Testing Labrador Retrievers for Reindeer Herding -- Town Elks Beat College Varsity by 21-18 Score -- Thanksgiving at College Enjoyed by Large Group -- Home Economics Extension Worker Back from Coast -- "Take My Advice" Successful Play Given by College -- Delightful Tea Given Players in "Take My Advice" -- Russian Christmas Custom Marked by Symbolical Staren_US
dc.publisherThe Alaska Agricultural College and School of Minesen_US
dc.titleFarthest-North Collegian, Vol. 12, No. 04 (January 1934)en_US

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