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  • Alaska Commercial Company Records, 1868-1911, Register

    Oswalt, Wendell H. (College, University of Alaska Library, 1967)
    A sizeable collection of certain Alaska Commercial Company records is now held by the University of Alaska Library. The collection was assembled by W. J. Erskine of Kodiak. In 1951, following Mr. Erskine’s death, Mr. Volney Richmond, J r ., offered the collection to the University of Alaska. The collection was received by the University through the assistance of Mr. Erskine’ s heirs, Wilson F. Erskine and Mrs. Carolyn Erskine Hall. The collection was shipped to the University in 1951 and reportedly consisted of nineteen large wooden crates and another small box. During the summer of 1962 the boxes with original labels 1-6 and 8-18 were located and opened for the first time. I compiled an inventory of the contents of each box, and in 1965 I checked my list against the originals and organized the diverse categories of information into a consistent format. Through the interest of H. Theodore Ryberg, Director of Libraries, University of Alaska, and a generous grant from the Northern Commercial Company, the inventory has been reproduced in its present form.