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dc.description.tableofcontentsTable of Contents: Out of Season by Sandra Eacker / Athletes & Academics by Kevin Smith / The Last of the Frost by George Harbeson / Beside Still Waters by Jane Gray / Grief Experiences of Adult Pet Owners Following CompanionAnimal Death by Linn Lenoir / Distributional, Morphological, and Functional Significance of Fire Cracked Rock of the Nilnunqua Site Near Sterling, Alaska by Cheryl Colson / Insistent Black Voices, Then & Now: A Primer for Today's Young Activist by Monalesia Earle / Luzon - Ronald Turner / America Samoa: An Elementary Lesson Design for Reading & Social Studies by Carolyn Wuttke / Mystery, History, & the Cemetery: A Sixth Grade Social Studies Unit by Carla Seward / Sex Education in the Home: Attitudes, Beliefs, & Practices of Anchorage Area Mothers by Judy Ori / Relationship Between Women's Locus of Control & Remaining in Abusive Relationships by Barb Gratton / On Using Ralf Dahrendorfs Conflict Theory in the Study of Wife Abuse by David Rolfsema / The Congo Free State: Essence of Imperialism by David Brice / Can International Law Be Properly Regarded as Law, Since There is No World Sovereign to Enforce Those Laws? by Eric Brown / A Question of Expediency: The Decision to use Atomic Weapons on Japan by Christopher Toalen_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Alaska, Anchorageen_US
dc.titleUAA Student Showcase Journal: Recognizing Excellence (Spring, 1987)en_US

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