This program was developed to provide land managers and forest owners quantitative information about the growth of forests. The studies undertaken by the FG&Y program quantify forest productivity by providing publications, data, and equations/models. This information is essential for basic state-of-the-art timber management decisions, stand prescriptions, and monitoring long-term forest change. These studies also provide an excellent base for forest management decisions regarding the use of forest biomass. The major projects are: a system of permanent sample plots, Levels of Growing Stock plantations, development of site index curves; bark thickness models, and cubic foot volume models. Minor studies include: moose browse damage to hardwood stands, effects of tapping birch trees, specific gravity/density of wood, and forest thinning studies. Since the inception of this program in 1983, the FG&Y crew has consisted of: 3 Principal Investigators, 2 Research Foresters, 90 students or technicians, 43 international forestry interns. Twelve UAF students have earned Master’s Degrees through the Forest Growth and Yield Program. Contact Matthew Stevens for information about the Forest Growth & Yield Program. (Contact information for Matthew Stevens under Staff, see below)

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