• A critique of some dynamic analyses of Silver Bay, Alaska

      Calegari, James P. (1968-05)
      The equations of motion and energy for an estuarine system are set up. The mean equations are obtained and the averaging operator is investigated. A comparison between the Silver Bay theory is made. The importance of the averaging process, the mean steady state, the tidal velocity and the lateral velocity are re-evaluated. The simplified mean equations of flow are then obtained. The numerical equation for evaluation of pressure gradients and the velocity cross-products are obtained. Curvature effects are found to be of importance. Second order terms are investigated and numerical equations for the evaluation of vz are found. Some data from the Alaska Water Pollution Control Board is investigated. It is found that the Silver Bay Study neglected to consider some important factors. Lateral flows tidal motion and river run-off need more consideration. A Statistical consideration of data is found to be important. By hypothesis testing a clearer concept of the values of the assumptions can be made. It is found that much more data is needed.