• In-cylinder pressure based combustion performance evaluation of syntroleum synthetic and conventional diesel fuels

      Kandulapati, Praveen K. (2006-12)
      Synthetic fuels produced from non-petroleum based feedstocks can effectively replace the depleting, petroleum-based conventional fuels while significantly reducing emissions. The zero sulfur content and the near zero percentage of aromatics in the synthetic fuels make them promising clean fuels to meet the upcoming emissions regulations. However, due to their significantly different properties when compared to conventional fuels, existing engines must be tested extensively to study their performance with the new fuels. The current work presents a detailed in-cylinder pressure measurement based comparison of the combustion performance of a natural gas derived synthetic diesel fuel, supplied by Syntroleum Corporation based in Tulsa, OK, and No.1 conventional diesel fuel. These fuels were tested on a Detroit Diesel Series 50 engine with an advanced electronically controlled fuel injection system. The differences observed in various combustion related parameters and their possible effects on engine performance and emissions are documented. The adaptability of the existing ECM to optimize engine performance with the new fuel was also studied.