• Something more than naked: essays on being a runner

      Lamborn, Eve (2006-05)
      Something More Than Naked: Essays on Being a Runner is a collection of essays that examines running as a way to know one's self. The essays are about the experience of running in competition and in training, in a structured program and on solitary mornings, as metaphor and as pure action. Running exposes the narrator to her own weaknesses and strengths because it tests her and demands an honest answer. An athlete engages in sport on both a self-conscious and subconscious level. In order to reach deeper into her experiences, the narrator expands the self-conscious persona to intrude upon the realm of the subconscious athlete, and in the process explores the role of memory, language, and awareness in shaping an event. Many times the narrator realizes a gap, sometimes intentional and sometimes unavoidable, between thoughts and expression. As a result of that realization, some running experiences lead the narrator to a greater understanding of the way she interacts with the world and the people around her. As the collection progresses, the narrator's focus shifts from wondering how others see her to more fully expressing how running exists in her own life.