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dc.description.tableofcontentsA U teacher is wedded to Gray S. Tilly -- New Denali is issued May 12 to University -- H. Wolff named U.A. Engineer by Board of Regents -- C.U. Southwick delivers high school speech -- R. Date chosen as teacher in C.E. next year -- Reception is held in honor of graduates -- Seventeen presented Bachelor degrees by University May 17th -- Organizations choose Heads for next year -- Chena flood wreaks havoc in Fairbanks -- Ergiphobia--"Dog-House" Disease: a short study of a dread occupational malady / Burns, Will T. -- 14 remain for vacation jobs at University -- Class of 1937 -- Two Acts passed for Assay Office and Ex. Fur Farm -- The Deutches Museum / Southwick, A.M., Prof. Charles U. -- Alaska fur trading in days of Russians thrilling adventure -- Dr. Bunnell lauds possibilities of farms in Alaska -- Commencement Address -- F.E. employs many from U. this summer -- Slingman wins spring season tennis honors -- Barbara Buzby wins A.A.U.W. scholarshipen_US
dc.publisherThe University of Alaskaen_US
dc.titleFarthest-North Collegian, Vol. 15, No. 09 (June 1937)en_US

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