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Undergraduate Research, Experiential & Creative Activities (URECA)


The Undergraduate Research, Experiential & Creative Activities (URECA) program at UAS provides opportunities for UAS-enrolled students to engage in extra-curricular research and creative activities that complement and expand upon traditional classroom learning.

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  • Helgeson, Claire (University of Alaska Southeast, 2019-03-15)
    Colonialism's historical violence has legacies yet to be sufficiently acknowledged. The force of genocide is leveled against culture, language, knowledge, and even memory. Unacknowledged violence buries itself in the deepest ...
  • Sayeik 
    Holton, Luke (University of Alaska Southeast, 2018-09-02)
    The original purpose of this film project was to document the current sociopolitical attitude towards revitalization of Tlingit place names within Southeast Alaska. Several high-visibility name revitalizations (Utqiagvik, ...
  • Sekerak, Vasily J. (University of Alaska Southeast, 2018-03-07)
    My initial project focused on the way market squid embryo morphology can possibly be effected by ocean salinity levels during development. This was to be accomplished by testing two sets of embryos with three replicates ...
  • Wehde, Dawn (University of Alaska Southeast, 2018-03-08)
    The objective of my URECA funded project was to conduct a pilot investigation that aimed to provide a data set of the age, size, and maturity of market squid, Doryteuthis opalescens, collected in the Gulf of Alaska. The ...
  • Sorum-Birk, Elise (2017-07-15)
    My goal was to create an interactive app of Tlingit place names in the Juneau area in order to use it as a tool for education and resource management. The secondary objective was to write an academic paper about the project ...
  • Nathlich, Abigail (2017-07-15)
    The original objective of my project was to look at how black carbon is quickening the melt rate of the Juneau Icefield as well as what the effects are on snow melt in urban and rural areas around Juneau. The hope for ...
  • Luck, Emma (2017-07-15)
    The goal of this project was to identify the most common killer whale ecotype in the Juneau area. Over 400 photographs of killer whales taken from the years 2012-2015 were collected from Juneau photographers and marine ...
  • Hawkins, Elizabeth (2017-07-15)
    The goal of this research was to investigate how the race of an informer of White privilege affects the perceived legitimacy and recognition of its existence through either a factual based (central route) or emotion based ...
  • Deal, Cole (2017-07-15)
    Laboratory studies have been very important in understanding the physiology of commercially important crustaceans although removing crabs from their natural habitat can remove the crab from natural biological cues such as ...
  • Bower, Esther (2017-07-15)
    The original project objective was to determine a suitable model organism to study Pandalus platyceros. I proposed to use the local dock shrimp Pandalus danae to do this research. This project allowed me to further my ...

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