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dc.contributor.authorSugiura, Masahisa
dc.contributor.authorChapman, Sydney
dc.description.abstractSome average characteristics are determined for 136 moderate magnetic storms with sudden commencements that occurred during the interval 1902-1945. The average storm field is resolved for different epochs of storm time st into Dst, independent of local time, that is, of longitude X , relative to the sun, and into DS, that depends on X , Part DS is expressed in terms of harmonic components with respect to X , and like Dst, the amplitudes and phases of these components, are functions of st and of geomagnetic latitude. They are determined, for each of the three magnetic elements, declination, horizontal force, and vertical force, at eight geomagnetic latitudes ranging from 80*N to 1°S. In the first, and main harmonic component of DS, its variations with respect to storm time differs notably from that of Dst: its maximum is attained earlier and its decay is more rapid. The storm -time changes of the smaller harmonic components of DS have been less fully determined. The average characteristics of moderate storms are compared with those of weak storms.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipThe research reported in the document has been sponsored by the Air Force Cambridge Research Center, Air Research and Development Command, under Contract No, AF 19(604)-1732. AF 19(604)-1732 AFCRC-TR-57-295 AD 117-256en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsLIST OF TABLES -- LIST OF FIGURES -- ABSTRACT -- 1. INTRODUCTION -- 2. THE OBSERVATORIES -- 3. THE STORM-TIME VARIATIONS : 3.1 Dst in the Geomagnetic-North Component, Hgm ; 3.2 Dst in the Geomagnetic-East Component, Egm ; 3.3 Dst in the Vertical Force -- 4. THE DISTURBANCE DAILY VARIATIONS -- 5. THE FIRST COMPONENT OF DS -- 6 „ THE HIGHER HARMONIC COMPONENTS OF DS AND SD -- 7. COMPARISON OF Dst AND DS -- 8 „ CONCLUSION : 8.1 The Intensity Index of Magnetic Storms ; 8.2 The Dst Variations ; 8.3 The DS and SD Variations ; 8.4 Future Plans -- 9. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS -- REFERENCESen_US
dc.publisherGeophysical Institute at the University of Alaskaen_US
dc.sourceGeophysical Instituteen_US
dc.titleA Study of the Morphology of Magnetic Storms: Moderate Magnetic Stormsen_US

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