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dc.description.tableofcontentsLack of Funds May Force University to Close Doors Before School Year Ends -- Financial Report -- October 'Quake Series Recorded in Antarctica -- University Graduate Phil Lovell Surprises Colleagues with Top Marks in Engineering -- Ernest Patty, Ex-Student, Dies in Crash -- Thomas M. Donohoe Dies -- Oscar S. Gill Dies -- Education? Or Ignorance? -- Mrs. Dorsh Dies in Clipper Crash -- Sullivan Wedding Held -- Cheechakos Present Pertinent Comments Concerning Territory and its University -- Family Didn't Approve but Ellen is in Alaska -- Bob Read Misleading Alaskan Literature -- Florida to Alaska is Rob Denham's Story -- Sturgulewski Conquers Smuk in 'Fight to Finish' -- Matanuska Valley Project was Attacked by Critics as the 'Wildest Dream of an Insane Administration' -- Officer Finds Short Course Key to Alaska -- Mining Short Course Slates Guest Speakers for December -- Mining Terms Important to Writer -- Food Selection Course Scheduled -- Nita Carter Flies to Fort Yukon -- University Cagers Given Rough Treatment in Loop Tilts as Sportsman, Elks Quintets Rack up 48-24, 48-31 Victories -- Bears Find Competition Plenty Hard to Handle -- A. S. U. A. and Chorus Present Program -- Beginning Skiers Show Patience, Fortitude in Learning Art of Falling Gracefully -- Jayvees Rip Faculty 56-18 -- Ski Tow Engine Now in Operation -- Bob Highlights Birch Hill Ski Session, Picking New, Speedy Slope for His Spectacular Descent -- Census Shows Yuletide Trips will Cut Campus Population -- Marion Skiolvig Leaves Alaska for France -- Would-be Sourdoughs Learn Alaskan Slant on Agriculture -- Seniors Jane and Margaret Tell All to Collegian Writer -- School Organizations Begin Work, Denali Staff Meets, New Club Formed -- B. A. Club Holds Dinner Meeting -- The New Denalien_US
dc.publisherThe University of Alaskaen_US
dc.titleFarthest-North Collegian, Vol. 27, No. 03 ( December 1947)en_US

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