• Review of the Alaska Health Facility Input Price Index

      Goldsmith, Scott (Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska., 1994)
      The purpose of the Alaska Health Facility Input Price Index (AHFIPI) is to describe and estimate the cost inflation in hospital and nursing home services in Alaska. If the Alaska economy is expected to grow more slowly than the US economy it does not seem reasonable for the Alaska Health Facilities Input Price Index to forecast higher inflation than for the US for the years 1994 through 1997. Since the other proxy variables in the index are regional or national, the faster rate of inflation for the Alaska index is entirely attributable to the higher predicted AHE inflation rate. Other evidence suggests that the trend in Alaska costs is to increase more slowly that the national average and that this projection of more rapid inflation is inconsistent with that historical evidence. These data sources suggest that overall prices, Alaska health costs, and wagerates in general are rising less rapidly than the US average and that these trends will continue unless some can be identified which would reverse them.