• Enrollment Trends at University of Alaska Community Campuses

      Killorin, Mary; Goldsmith, Scott; Hill, Alexandra (Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska., 2005)
      The level of tuition is only one of many determinants of participation. For example, in recent years strength in job growth, reduced grant funding, and a more restrictive residency requirement for instate tuition have all also negatively impacted participation. Conditions specific to individual campuses, such as consistency of leadership and the natural maturation cycle associated with the introduction of new programs, have also been important. Some of these factors, such as the size and composition of the population and the structure and health of the economy, are beyond the control of the University. However, other factors such as financial aid, program offerings, and marketing can be managed to not only maximize participation but, more importantly, to obtain the best possible balance between access and program availability within the fiscal constraints of the University budget.