• Anchorage International Airport: 1998 Economic Significance

      Goldsmith, Scott (Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska., 1998)
      This brief report updates our 1995 study, Economic Contribution of the Anchorage International Airport, which documented the airport's economic importance and described in detail the range of airport activities. Here we look primarily at growth in the number of airport-related jobs in recent years. Anchorage International Airport covers 4,700 acres and includes both domestic and international terminals and a general aviation and air taxi base around Lake Hood. Unlike airports in other U.S. cities of comparable population (about 250,000), Anchorage International Airport serves not only local households and businesses, but several other important clients: (1) international cargo carriers; (2) visitors from outside the state; and (3) visitors from other parts of Alaska. It also has a number of government and private tenants who find it either advantageous or necessary to be located at the airport.