• The Remote Rural Economy of Alaska

      Goldsmith, Scott (Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska., 2007)
      Statewide descriptions of the Alaska economy are dominated by the much larger urban areas and cannot convey a sense of the unique features of the remote rural part of the state. And although there has been much written about the economy of remote Alaska, much of it is out of date or not well-grounded in the current economic realities of the region. Without a comprehensive description of the economy, discussions of economic development strategies are not possible. This description is a snapshot of the region as a whole, as distinct from the rest of Alaska. At the same time it recognizes the great variations in climate, terrain, culture, economic activity, opportunity, and well-being within the region. The description relies on published economic information about the region, which varies from good to sparse to non-existent, due to the vast size, small population, remote location, and complexity of the economic structure of the region. Consequently, the description is at best an approximation, constructed from all available published sources. No primary data collection was undertaken for this analysis.