• Supplemental To Analysis of Socio-Economic Aspects of Specified Year 2000 Redistricting Questions

      Tuck, Bradford (Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska., 2000)
      This material supplements a document prepared for the Alaska Redistricting Board in May 2001. This supplement discusses certain socio-economic linkages relative to the Final Plan and Proclamation of Redistricting, prepared by the Alaska Redistricting Board in June 2001. It relies on the same exonomic concepts and methodology used in the initial analysis, including central place theory and interindustry economics. It addresses four issues(1) the integration of the Delta area with the rest of House District 12; (2) the socio-economic integration of Valdez with the rest of the House District 32 and the Anchorage ares; 93) the socio-economic integration of House District 37; and (4) linkages between Cordova and the rest of House District 5.