• Russian Salmon Industry: An Initial Review

      Knapp, Gunnar; Johnson, Terry (Alaska Division of Economic Development, 1995)
      Alaska's share of the world salmon market has declined substantially over the last five years. In most cases market share has been lost to increased farmed salmon production, however, Alaska's wild salmon competitors have made inroads as well. Because Russian salmon runs are the world's only other source of wild salmon comparable in scale to Alaska's, it is important that we better understand this new competitor to the world salmon market. Where once nearly all of Russia's salmon was consumed within the borders of the former Soviet Union, significant changes in the political and economic structure of Russia have caused an increase in salmon exports to Japan and Europe. But despite Russia's emergence as a new competitor in the world salmon market, Russia and Alaska share common interests in international fishery management issues as well as in research, technology and investment opportunities. This report is an attempt to better understand Russian salmon production, management, regulation, and harvesting and processing organizations. It also tries to quantify Russian salmon product forms and export markets as well as threats caused by over-harvesting and pollution.