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  • Giraldo, Shelley; Morse, Cheyenne; Kolzoff, William; Duong, Quoc; Farmer, Robin; Rychetnik, Julie; Magly, Michelle; Diesher, Rebecca; Perry, Kylie; Obermarck, Philip; Poulsen, Harmony; Lynn, Nichole; Smith, Caitlin; Schapira, Elise; Ruwe, Chelsea; Lavey, Kyle; Singleton, Lars; Arnold, David; Roosdett, Jenna; Dye, Miranda; Rennie, Jovell; Hackenmiller, Sarena; Kendall, John (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2012-05-01)
    Understory’s roots dig back to 1986, where a small creative arts journal titled Inklings began in the Anchorage Community College. Since then, the process of this journal’s production has evolved in many ways. Understory ...
  • Rychetnik, Julie; Duong, Quoc; Klusewitz, Chelsea; Selmont, Joseph; Morgan, Danielle; Addington, Jessica; Murakami, Julia; Deisher, Rebecca; Roosdett, Jenna; Dowdy, Brianna; Hayes, Paul; Vlieger, Xenia; Lurtsema, Joseph; Morgan, Aubrey; Lee, Rachel; Snyderman, Kenzie; Brandt, Deroy; Davis, Ellen; Schapira, Elise; Addington, Jessica; Clark, Morrisa P.; Ward, Anastasia; Miley, Craig (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2013-05-01)
    Understory is an annual publication sponsored by the Department of English at the University of Alaska Anchorage. The journal showcases literary and artistic works by undergraduates, provides students with practical experience ...
  • KelleyRose, Caitlin; Caprioli, Matthew; Roosdett, Jenna; Gottlob, Alecia; Morgan, Aubrey; Arend, Bailey; Schapira, Elise; Morgan, Danielle; Gaskins, Ian; Ariah, Jade; Jackson, Clinton; Davis, Ellen; Wilson, Forest; Klusewitz, Chelsea; Moore, Drea; Larsen, Danielle; Reeves, Sarah; Shroy, Alyxandra; Cripps, John; Miley, Craig; Stewart, Aja; Olsson, Wolfgang Q.; Ward, Anastasia; Joy, Xenia; Romain, Patrick; Hall, Emily S.; Arnell, Sarah (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2014-05-01)
    “Art is the struggle to be, in a particular sort of way, virtuous.” —Iris Murdoch Indeed, when we embark on any creative adventure it is with the purpose of conveying a certain truth; an emotion, an idea that brings ...
  • Harada, Hiroko; Ushida, Eiko; Kataoka, Hiroko; Izumi, Yuruka; Douglas, Masako; Chinen, Kiyomi; Tokuda, Junko; Masuyama, Kazue; Murakami, Chisato; 原田宏子; 牛田英子; 片岡裕子; 泉ゆりか; ダグラス昌子; 知念聖美; 徳田淳子; 増山和恵; 村上千智 (2014-07-04)
    本書の「モンティの明日への架け橋」は、2011 年3 月11 日の東日本大震災の津波で亡 くなったアラスカ大学アンカレジ校(University of Alaska Anchorage [UAA]) の卒業生、 モントゴメリー・ディクソン(モンティ)を記念して作成されました。モンティは、 UAA で日本語を専攻して2009 年に卒業し、その夏JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) プログラムで ...
  • Topkok, Sean Asiqłuq (2015-03-06)
    The 2014 Alaska Native Studies Council (ANSC) Conference was held in March in Fairbanks, Alaska. There were approximately 300 conference participants from local, statewide, and national attendees. The participants were ...
  • Kaliss, Tony (2015-03-06)
    The purpose of this paper is to encourage deeper understanding of the Native- European interaction by focusing on the question of Why Europeans acted as they did towards Native peoples. I encourage this because I'm not ...
  • Barnhardt, Ray (2015-03-06)
    The initiatives outlined in this article are intended to advance our understanding of cultural processes as they occur in diverse community contexts, as well as contribute to the further conceptualization, critique, and ...
  • Alaska Native Studies Conference Organizing Committee (2015-03-06)
  • Morgan, Danielle; Ariah, Jade; Olsson, Wolfgang Q.; Swanson, Cody; Conklin, Beth; Rennie, Jovell; Foran, Robert W.; Maxim, Victoria; McCarver, Jessica; Wlesh, Tanya; Helmson, Brittany; Underwood, Arin; Morse, Cheyenne; Banks, Hayley; Bolen, Stephen D.; Mack, Samantha; Jackson, Justine; Riley, Mark J.; Miley, Craig; Caudel, Nick; Dummar, Ray (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2015-05-01)
    Understory is an annual publication supported by the Department of English at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Special thanks go to former Provost Elisha “Bear” Baker for his generous support of Understory and to ...
  • UAS Organizing Committee (2015-08-20)
  • ANSC (2015-08-20)
  • Ongtooguk, Paul; Becker, Daniel M.; Currey, Iris (2015-08-20)
  • Tetpon, Bernice; Hirshberg, Diane; Leary, Audrey; Hill, Alexandra (2015-08-20)
  • Parsons, Kristie (2015-08-20)
  • ANSC (2015-08-20)
  • Preface 
    UAS Organizing Committee (2015-08-20)
  • Williams, Maria Shaa Tláa; Barnhardt, Ray; Olson, Marie “Kaayistaan”; Breinig, Jeane T'áaw xíwaa; Dabaluz, Gail; Jones, Alberta (2015-08-20)

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