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    • Understory 2012

      Giraldo, Shelley; Morse, Cheyenne; Kolzoff, William; Duong, Quoc; Farmer, Robin; Rychetnik, Julie; Magly, Michelle; Diesher, Rebecca; Perry, Kylie; Obermarck, Philip; et al. (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2012-05-01)
      Understory’s roots dig back to 1986, where a small creative arts journal titled Inklings began in the Anchorage Community College. Since then, the process of this journal’s production has evolved in many ways. Understory 2012 was in danger of going unpublished until many UAA students volunteered their time and support. Volunteer commitment to the preservation of such an important creative outlet to UAA students made this journal possible. It fills us with such gratification and happiness to see undergraduates, graduates, and faculty working together across disciplines to produce a creative work. Understory received a multitude of submissions this year, over 160 individual works of art, poetry, and prose. Such numbers always prove that Understory remains a valuable and important part of an undergraduate’s time here at UAA. Though all submissions this year stood out in some way, a few shone through as achievements of mastery. We wish to acknowledge and thank Caitlin Smith, whose work “Lantern Head” won the Understory Cover Award and Shelley Giraldo, whose piece, “Leda” won the Turnagain Arts Award. We would like to acknowledge the life and death of Hayden Carruth (1921 - 2008). In 1998, Hayden Carruth donated his poem “Springtime, 1998” to Inklings as “a gesture of thanks” to the community. This began the long tradition of the Hayden Carruth Award, an annual poetry prize given to one student featured in the journal. This year, the Hayden Carruth Award goes to Quoc Duong for his poem “Writer’s Complex.” We also wish to acknowledge Cheyenne Morse, whose short story “Gypsy Glass” received the Understory Literary Award. We wish to apologize to UAA alumni John Kendall, whose story “Son of a Thousand Fathers” was sadly missed in Understory 2011. This year, we have featured his story at the closing of this issue. We want to thank all the volunteers who sacrificed their mornings, afternoons, and evenings to help assemble Understory 2012. This journal would not exist without their dedication. — The Editors
    • Understory 2013

      Rychetnik, Julie; Duong, Quoc; Klusewitz, Chelsea; Selmont, Joseph; Morgan, Danielle; Addington, Jessica; Murakami, Julia; Deisher, Rebecca; Roosdett, Jenna; Dowdy, Brianna; et al. (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2013-05-01)
      Understory is an annual publication sponsored by the Department of English at the University of Alaska Anchorage. The journal showcases literary and artistic works by undergraduates, provides students with practical experience in producing a literary journal, and fosters relationships between Graduate and Undergraduate students and faculty.
    • Alaska Native-focused Teacher Preparation Programs: What have we learned?

      Tetpon, Bernice; Hirshberg, Diane; Leary, Audrey; Hill, Alexandra (2015-08-20)
    • About the Authors

      ANSC (2015-08-20)
    • 2014 Alaska Native Studies Conference Program

      UAS Organizing Committee (2015-08-20)
    • Readings with Richard, a poem

      Hope, Ishmael Khaagwáask’ (2015-08-20)
    • Comments of Appreciation and Admiration for Dr. Richard Dauenhauer In Memory of Richard Dauenhauer

      Williams, Maria Shaa Tláa; Barnhardt, Ray; Olson, Marie “Kaayistaan”; Breinig, Jeane T'áaw xíwaa; Dabaluz, Gail; Jones, Alberta (2015-08-20)
    • Preface

      UAS Organizing Committee (2015-08-20)
    • Front Matter

      ANSC (2015-08-20)
    • Understory 2014

      Bourne, Douglass; KelleyRose, Caitlin; Caprioli, Matthew; Roosdett, Jenna; Gottlob, Alecia; Morgan, Aubrey; Arend, Bailey; Schapira, Elise; Morgan, Danielle; Gaskins, Ian; et al. (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2014-05-01)
      “Art is the struggle to be, in a particular sort of way, virtuous.” —Iris Murdoch Indeed, when we embark on any creative adventure it is with the purpose of conveying a certain truth; an emotion, an idea that brings us together and reminds us of the innate consciousness that dwells within. Understory is emblematic of this; where individuals intent on honing their craft can join others to become a part of something greater, their work immortalized to become a time capsule. Decades from now a volume of Understory may be discovered on a dusty bookshelf in some forgotten corner and the lucky explorer who finds it shall be enlightened by pages of gold. We, as editors of Understory 2014, have worked very hard this year to put together a journal that showcases the very best of the University of Alaska Anchorage undergraduate student work. We hope you enjoy your journey through this issue as much as we have enjoyed ours. Thank you to the English and Art Departments, for the staff and faculty’s unerring support of our club; to Provost Baker, for seeing and believing in the vision of Understory; and to our club’s faculty advisor, Douglass Bourne, for his guidance and tireless assistance. Finally, thank you to the wonderful students who submit such excellent work each year. Without your passion for the arts, we would not be here.
    • Understory 2015

      Bourne, Douglass; Morgan, Danielle; Ariah, Jade; Olsson, Wolfgang Q.; Swanson, Cody; Conklin, Beth; Rennie, Jovell; Foran, Robert W.; Maxim, Victoria; McCarver, Jessica; et al. (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2015-05-01)
      Understory is an annual publication supported by the Department of English at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Special thanks go to former Provost Elisha “Bear” Baker for his generous support of Understory and to LitSite for funding the prizes and helping with general operating costs. The journal showcases literary and artistic works by undergraduates, provides students with practical experience in producing a literary journal, and fosters relationships between graduate and undergraduate students and faculty.
    • Monty's Bridge to Tomorrow (モンティの明日への架け橋)

      Harada, Hiroko; Ushida, Eiko; Kataoka, Hiroko; Izumi, Yuruka; Douglas, Masako; Chinen, Kiyomi; Tokuda, Junko; Masuyama, Kazue; Murakami, Chisato; 原田宏子; et al. (2014-07-04)
      本書の「モンティの明日への架け橋」は、2011 年3 月11 日の東日本大震災の津波で亡 くなったアラスカ大学アンカレジ校(University of Alaska Anchorage [UAA]) の卒業生、 モントゴメリー・ディクソン(モンティ)を記念して作成されました。モンティは、 UAA で日本語を専攻して2009 年に卒業し、その夏JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) プログラムで 岩手県陸前高田市に派遣され、外国語指導助手(ALT)として、地元の小 中学校の英語教育に従事しました。日本文化をこよなく愛し、地元の住民の方々と家族 のように交わり、「モンティ先生」として親しまれていました。津波に流される数時間 前には司馬遼太郎の「世のために尽くした人の一生ほど、美しいものはない」の英訳を 書き残しています。26 歳でした。 この震災では、もう一人のJETALT、バージニアのランドルフ・メイコン大学出身のテ イラー・アンダーソンさんが石巻で津波の犠牲となりました。国際交流基金日米センタ ー(Center for Global Partnership [CGP]) では両氏の出身校において記念事業を実施し、 その一環として、UAA には2012 年に「モントゴメリー・ディクソン日本語日本文化教 育センター」(Montgomery Dickson Center for Japanese Language & Culture) が設立されま した。当センター企画の「モンティの明日への架け橋」の教科書の企画は2013 年と 2014 年の二年間に渡るCGP の助成金により実現しました。 本書は、カリフォルニア大学サン・ディエゴ校の牛田英子、ならびにカリフォルニア州 立大学ロングビーチ校の片岡裕子の監修の元、9 人の日本語教師によって執筆され、大 学レベルの日本語中上級を対象に作成されています。陸前高田市で無料の英語教室を開 講していたモンティの精神にのっとり、オンラインで無料配布いたします。多くの教 師・学生の皆さんに利用していただき、「太平洋の架け橋」となるというモンティの夢 を皆で実現していくことを心から願っています。