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dc.description.tableofcontentsAlumni Notes -- Concert to be at Theatre [sic] on March 21 -- Dr. Bastress Speaks to Rotarians : Stresses Work of Organic Chemists in War -- Dr. Bramhall Lectures on Solar Eclipse : Tells Assembly of Forthcoming 97% Eclipse -- University of Alaska Designated to Train Engineering Selectees [sic] : Chosen with 280 other Colleges by Manpower Commission -- Wilcox Home is Scene of Gathering -- Keys Family "Doing Something" -- Dendrochronology in Alaska -- Koschmann are Parents of a Boy -- History of Fairbanks -- Heat is Now at Premium -- Ups & Downs -- Reward of Merit -- Skarland Receives Harvard M. A. -- Purdue is Now Production Plant -- Lt. George Polk Eludes the Japs -- Pat O'Neill is Promoted to First Lieutenant -- Article by Rainey is in the National Geographic Mag. -- Military Ball is Highlight of Season -- To Forget -- A Look Back -- Pinnacle Again Makes Appearance -- Snag Point Village is Described -- Fatalities Less Than 1 Per Cent at Guadalcanal -- Articles by Alaskan Appear in National Geographic -- Poet's Corner -- Native Food Plants of Alaska -- Ski Club has Outing -- Air Corps Beat V-Men 32 to 26 -- Informal Ski Meet at Birch Hill -- And Hockey Season Starts -- Donations Made to Museum : Bartels Gives Beads after Skeleton -- Robe gets Doctorate from Yale -- Bear Trap -- Pictures are Wanteden_US
dc.publisherThe University of Alaskaen_US
dc.titleFarthest-North Collegian, Vol. 21, No. 05 (March 1943)en_US

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