• Structural health monitoring and bridge condition assessment

      Xiao, Feng; 肖枫; Hulsey, J. Leroy; Xiang, Yujiang; Dong, Yongtao; Chen, Gang S. (2016-08)
      This research is mainly in the field of structural identification and model calibration, optimal sensor placement, and structural health monitoring application for large-scale structures. The ultimate goal of this study is to identify the structure behavior and evaluate the health condition by using structural health monitoring system. To achieve this goal, this research firstly established two fiber optic structural health monitoring systems for a two-span truss bridge and a five-span steel girder bridge. Secondly, this research examined the empirical mode decomposition (EMD) method’s application by using the portable accelerometer system for a long steel girder bridge, and identified the accelerometer number requirements for comprehensively record bridge modal frequencies and damping. Thirdly, it developed a multi-direction model updating method which can update the bridge model by using static and dynamic measurement. Finally, this research studied the optimal static strain sensor placement and established a new method for model parameter identification and damage detection.