• Alaska Native leadership succession planning: a study of leadership planning for Alaska Native organizations

      Pass, Gail; Dayo, Dixie Masak; John, Theresa Arevgaq; Charles, Kanaqluk George (2005-05)
      This study is based on qualitative interviews of four Alaska Native leaders, and one case study of an Alaska Native leadership program. Alaska Native organizations can expect to change quite dramatically over time if Alaska Native leadership succession is not strategically planned out. This study reveals the insights on leadership and the progression of leaders. Current Alaska Native leaders share their experiences of their leadership journeys and those they are familiar with. There is a case for the strategic planning and implementation of leadership succession and there is a case against formulating plans and letting the natural courses take over. A decision making model extracts the initiatives that will drive leadership succession into motion if that is what an Alaska Native organization is willing to do to shape the future leaders of their respective organizations. Recommendations include all respective business entities examine their current leaders and proactively shape their future leadership; current leaders support future leaders and value higher education.