Tsunami runup in U and V shaped bays

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Show simple item record Garayshin, Viacheslav Valer'evich Гарайшин, Вячеслав Валерьевич 2014-10-29T18:51:39Z 2014-10-29T18:51:39Z 2013-08
dc.description Thesis (M.S.) University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2014.
dc.description.abstract Tsunami runup can be effectively modeled using the shallow water wave equations. In 1958 Carrier and Greenspan in their work "Water waves of finite amplitude on a sloping beach" used this system to model tsunami runup on a uniformly sloping plane beach. They linearized this problem using a hodograph type transformation and obtained the Klein-Gordon equation which could be explicitly solved by using the Fourier-Bessel transform. In 2011, Efim Pelinovsky and Ira Didenkulova in their work "Runup of Tsunami Waves in U-Shaped Bays" used a similar hodograph type transformation and linearized the tsunami problem for a sloping bay with parabolic cross-section. They solved the linear system by using the D'Alembert formula. This method was generalized to sloping bays with cross-sections parameterized by power functions. However, an explicit solution was obtained only for the case of a bay with a quadratic cross-section. In this paper we will show that the Klein-Gordon equation can be solved by a spectral method for any inclined bathymetry with power function for any positive power. The result can be used to estimate tsunami runup in such bays with minimal numerical computations. This fact is very important because in many cases our numerical model can be substituted for fullscale numerical models which are computationally expensive, and time consuming, and not feasible to investigate tsunami behavior in the Alaskan coastal zone, due to the low population density in this area en_US
dc.description.tableofcontents Introduction -- Chapter 1. Description of the problem -- Chapter 2. Linearization of the system of shallow water equations -- 2.1. Method of characteristics -- 2.2. Change of variables -- 2.3. Boundary conditions, initial conditions and domain of Φ, the linearized shallow water equation -- 2.4. The limits of applicability of the hodograph transformation -- Chapter 3. Solution of the linearized shallow water equation (the equation (2.19)) -- 3.1. Laplace transformation -- 3.2. Solving the transformed equation -- 3.3. Inverse Laplace transformation -- 3.4. Obtaining the formula for the solution of the linearized shallow water equation -- 3.5. The formula for Φ with a different order of integration -- Chapter 4. Verification of the solution of the linearized equation, obtained by the Laplace transform, for particular cases -- 4.1. Case 1. Plane beach case -- 4.1.1. Method 1. Solving by Laplace transform -- 4.1.2. Method 2. Solving by Fourier-Bessel transform after Carrier-Greenspan -- 4.2. Case 2. An inclined bay with the parabolic cross-section -- 4.2.1. Method 1. Solving by Laplace transform -- 4.2.2. Method 2. Solving by D'Alembert method after Didenkulova and Pelinovsky -- Chapter 5. Relation of the shallow water problem to the wave equation in Rn space -- 5.1. Solution of the wave equation and its spherical mean -- 5.2. Shallow water problems related to the waves in odd-dimensional spaces -- Chapter 6. Sloping bay with the cross-section parameterized by z = cIy ²/₃, c > 0 -- 6.1. Derivation of Φ (λ, σ), the solution of the linearized shallow water equation (6.1) with given initial and boundary conditions -- 6.2. Comparison of the obtained solution Φ for the bay described by z = cIy ²/₃ with the solution obtained through the Laplace transform -- 6.3. Physical characteristics of a wave in the bay and partial derivatives of Φ (λ,σ) -- Chapter 7. Practical experiments -- Conclusion -- References -- Appendix -- Chapter A. Modified Bessel functions and their asymptotic formulas -- A.1. Modified Bessel functions -- A.2. The asymptotic behavior of the modified Bessel functions. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.title Tsunami runup in U and V shaped bays en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US ms en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Mathematics and Statistics en_US
dc.contributor.chair Rybkin, Alexei
dc.contributor.committee Rhodes, John
dc.contributor.committee Nicolsky, Dmitry

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