The Cooperative Alaska Forest Inventory (CAFI) is a comprehensive database of boreal forest conditions and dynamics in Alaska. The CAFI consists of field-gathered information from numerous permanent sample plots distributed across interior and southcentral Alaska including the Kenai Peninsula. The CAFI currently has 615 permanent sample plots on 205 sites representing a wide variety of growing conditions. New plots are being added to the inventory annually. To date, over 93 percent of the permanent sample plots have been remeasured and 31 percent have been remeasured three times. Repeated periodic inventories on CAFI permanent sample plots provide valuable longterm information for modeling of forest dynamics such as growth and yield. Periodic remeasurements can also be used to test and monitor large-scale environmental and climate change. This guide documents sampling and estimation procedures of CAFI v.1.0, and provides details of the database, including attribute description and summary statistics. To help researchers and land managers successfully initiate or expand a permanent sample site program in Alaska, this guide offers a comprehensive tutorial to establish, maintain, and process permanent sample plots in Alaska’s boreal forests. The databases are available on this site, at, or contact Matt Stevens at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (907) 474-7079.


Malone, Thomas; Liang, Jingjing; Packee, Edmond C.

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