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  • Cafe 2010

    Ulz, June; Munsell, Marsha (University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2010)
    Welcome! Herein you will find the recipes from the CAFE 2010 evening classes and a little bit more. Mexican soul food (Gloria Fernandez), Philippine cuisine (Betsy Engle), German pastries (Angela Dirks-Eicken), zucchini and chicken in all forms and variations (Marsha Munsell), a touch of the gourmet (Jeanne Yoder), and Alaskan berries front and center (Roxie Dinstel)—all brought to you through the extraordinary coordination of June Ulz. Late in 2009 June was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Like every other obstacle that life put in her path, she faced it straight on, moving forward and making the most of every day. She resolved early on that she was going to make it through the summer and she viewed the classes as a gift that gave her the reason she needed to keep going. With the help of her two daughters, Kim and Traci, June pulled it off one more time. Humbly we dedicate this cookbook to the multi-talented, ever smiling, courageous, outrageously funny and loving June who passed away on September 2, 2010. She lives on in her many kindnesses and in the minds and hearts of those who cherish her memory.