Recent Submissions

  • Giraldo, Shelley; Morse, Cheyenne; Kolzoff, William; Duong, Quoc; Farmer, Robin; Rychetnik, Julie; Magly, Michelle; Diesher, Rebecca; Perry, Kylie; Obermarck, Philip; Poulsen, Harmony; Lynn, Nichole; Smith, Caitlin; Schapira, Elise; Ruwe, Chelsea; Lavey, Kyle; Singleton, Lars; Arnold, David; Roosdett, Jenna; Dye, Miranda; Rennie, Jovell; Hackenmiller, Sarena; Kendall, John (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2012-05-01)
    Understory’s roots dig back to 1986, where a small creative arts journal titled Inklings began in the Anchorage Community College. Since then, the process of this journal’s production has evolved in many ways. Understory ...
  • Rychetnik, Julie; Duong, Quoc; Klusewitz, Chelsea; Selmont, Joseph; Morgan, Danielle; Addington, Jessica; Murakami, Julia; Deisher, Rebecca; Roosdett, Jenna; Dowdy, Brianna; Hayes, Paul; Vlieger, Xenia; Lurtsema, Joseph; Morgan, Aubrey; Lee, Rachel; Snyderman, Kenzie; Brandt, Deroy; Davis, Ellen; Schapira, Elise; Addington, Jessica; Clark, Morrisa P.; Ward, Anastasia; Miley, Craig (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2013-05-01)
    Understory is an annual publication sponsored by the Department of English at the University of Alaska Anchorage. The journal showcases literary and artistic works by undergraduates, provides students with practical experience ...
  • KelleyRose, Caitlin; Caprioli, Matthew; Roosdett, Jenna; Gottlob, Alecia; Morgan, Aubrey; Arend, Bailey; Schapira, Elise; Morgan, Danielle; Gaskins, Ian; Ariah, Jade; Jackson, Clinton; Davis, Ellen; Wilson, Forest; Klusewitz, Chelsea; Moore, Drea; Larsen, Danielle; Reeves, Sarah; Shroy, Alyxandra; Cripps, John; Miley, Craig; Stewart, Aja; Olsson, Wolfgang Q.; Ward, Anastasia; Joy, Xenia; Romain, Patrick; Hall, Emily S.; Arnell, Sarah (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2014-05-01)
    “Art is the struggle to be, in a particular sort of way, virtuous.” —Iris Murdoch Indeed, when we embark on any creative adventure it is with the purpose of conveying a certain truth; an emotion, an idea that brings ...
  • Morgan, Danielle; Ariah, Jade; Olsson, Wolfgang Q.; Swanson, Cody; Conklin, Beth; Rennie, Jovell; Foran, Robert W.; Maxim, Victoria; McCarver, Jessica; Wlesh, Tanya; Helmson, Brittany; Underwood, Arin; Morse, Cheyenne; Banks, Hayley; Bolen, Stephen D.; Mack, Samantha; Jackson, Justine; Riley, Mark J.; Miley, Craig; Caudel, Nick; Dummar, Ray (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2015-05-01)
    Understory is an annual publication supported by the Department of English at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Special thanks go to former Provost Elisha “Bear” Baker for his generous support of Understory and to ...

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