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      Candidate forum, Alaska Gold Rush tournament, Food day, Board game club, First ever Ally week, mentalist Sean Bott, poetry slam [1]
      Chilli buns run, URSA, technology fee, sea ice, Alaska Alpine Club [1]
      Chinese new year, physics journal club, gravitational waves [1]
      Co-ed housing, Coaching changes, Smoking banned on campus, Woman's basketball [1]
      Colton Parayko, sustainability, climate change, university budget, Alaska wildlife danger, same-sex marriage, college survival guide, writing [1]
      Cosmetology program gets cut, outdoor education, sustainability village [1]
      Distance education, google glasses, Tri-Sigma sorority facing shutdown, male beauty pageant [1]
      Diwali, Title IX, tuition hike reduced, School of Education restructure, ASUAF study abroad scholarship, phishing bait [1]
      Diwali, Zombie and Cancer research [1]
      Domestic violence on campus, roller derby, malware, UAF hockey, ice sheets, Antarctica research [1]
      Drag show, CSO program cut, science potpourri, creative writing minor, Russian studies dropped, Springfest [1]
      Dry Campus, Burlesque, Erica Iseri, UAF cross country meet, Pita Place [1]
      E-sports club, UA president, Trancemaster, Flying robots, legalizing marijuana [1]
      Engineering building funding, bed bugs on campus, Forest Sports Festival, climate change, fisheries, Pokemon Go [1]
      Engineering stone, Diwali, Halloween Boogaloo Bungalow, Gabriele Leoporatti, Fairbanks Asylum [1]
      Equinox marathon, Bobby Bare Jr., Adrina Knutson [1]
      Equinox marathon, new student regent, Title IX, sustainable village, tobacco ban [1]
      Fairbanks Asylum, silver fox mine, creationism and science, Slam poetry event, anatomy of a vampire, unsolved campus murders [1]
      Fairbanks Four, starvation gulch, mandatory reporting, safety dance, UAF unearths time capsule, books and beer, wood center arcade [1]
      Fall concert, Interim Chancellor, Residence Life and Student Activities office, Women in science, natural resources, honoring fallen soldiers, Diwali [1]