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      Fairbanks Asylum, silver fox mine, creationism and science, Slam poetry event, anatomy of a vampire, unsolved campus murders [1]
      Fairbanks Four, starvation gulch, mandatory reporting, safety dance, UAF unearths time capsule, books and beer, wood center arcade [1]
      Fall concert, Interim Chancellor, Residence Life and Student Activities office, Women in science, natural resources, honoring fallen soldiers, Diwali [1]
      Fee changes, drag queens, GLAM at the pub, Trump travel ban,"Microbial Worlds", volcanic gas experiment [1]
      Flag Dedication Ceremony, Hunger & Homelessness Awareness, Men's basketball win, [1]
      Food Bank, chancellor candidates, UAF mountaineering class, avalanche, Midnight Sun science symposium, Alaska performance scholarship, UAF minimum wage [1]
      Free store, Ice Age infant remains, UAF unmanned office in Iceland, Nanook rifle team [1]
      Fresh Air Committee, presidential visit, Arctic Grayling, climate change [1]
      Grad Bash, bedbugs, Title IX, Chancellor, student art showcase, Elizabeth Irving, Apple store, auto museum, Socratic Society [1]
      Gruening vandalism, Smash Mouth [1]
      Gun show, campus tobacco ban, Theresa Van Hyning [1]
      Head-on collision, CLA dean Johnny Payne resigns, Polar Express fee, summer guests at UAF, transportation fee [1]
      Hormone therapy at UAF health center, EPA regulations, incident reporting system, engineering building, water filter stations, sustainability, ceramics program, food bank fundraiser [1]
      Humans vs. Zombies, Gun bill, Alumni scholarship donation, Fairbanks water quality, college survival guide, college years [1]
      Iditarod in Fairbanks, seawolf chant, open immigration, permanent fund investments, ice sculptures, [1]
      Local bands, Tartuffe, Fairbanks theatre, cheerleader competition, Catholic priest on administrative leave [1]
      Lumberjacks, Farthest North Sports Festival, UAF $1 Million donation, Disability awareness month, UAF Volleyball, UAF Hockey [1]
      Marijuana, Volleyball season, academic resources [1]
      Nanook ROTC, code of conduct causes divide, orientation fee, student life fee, Chancellor Rogers, Vagina Monologues, KSUA TV [1]
      Nanook Swimming, Ally week, KUAC fundraising, Fox mine, Wood center, middle-income students [1]