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      UA Scholars award, UAF low voter turnout, UAF archaeologist, pre-historic Alaska, satellites, ice flow hazards, Yeddha park plants, [1]
      UAF community garden, climate change gallery, Equinox marathon 50th anniversary, Arctic Innovation competition, Nanook runners, and UAF volleyball, DEV at UAF [1]
      UAF counseling center, climate change, Sandhill Crane management, Fairbanks Symphony [1]
      UAF Firefighters, "The Mighty Dome", Chinese New Year, Rifle wins championship, Homelessness, UAA Advocacy Team [1]
      UAF Fun Star [1]
      UAF police cuts, new core requirements [1]
      UAF Really Free Market, budget cuts [1]
      UAF rock wall, Geophysical institute grant, microwave discussion, Aurora grant, shuttle services, bear bucks, munch money [1]
      UAF shooting, smoking ban, marijuana ban at UAF, Jacob Thompson scholarship, Gruening vandalized, UAF arctic policy, water bottle sales, trivia night at the Pub, [1]
      UAF sports, Avian Smuggler, Alaska photography, Visiting author, First Friday [1]
      UAF Student Publication [1]
      UAF Sun Star [40]
      UAF Theatre BA, Carolyn Cole, Beat Beethoven race, RISE Board, community projects [1]
      UAF water code, Tammy Holland, BFA thesis exhibition, UAF mascots [1]
      Valentine's day, Sexual responsibility, UAF hockey [1]
      Virtual reality, Trump presidency, political science panel, election, Haven fees [1]
      Voter fraud, intramural battleship, Fairbank's children's museum, Ally week, [1]
      Walk the Moon, student payment plans, UAF power plant, Title IX training, UAF construction, new meal plans, marathon [1]
      Whale rescue, senate debate, international film festival, Veterinary dept. open house, Kenai biologist, campus Pub, handicapped access at UAF [1]
      Winter carnival, tuition increases [2]